Polish star of oriental dance, radiant glow of true beauty with incredible expression of dance and music. Her dance enchants and delights audiences with the beauty of movement, the sensuality and mystery. Zofia is a princess from the fairy tales of the Thousand and One Nights with amazing artistic skill. Zofia is a dance element, a volcano of energy, her unique choreography charms the public. One of the favorite styles of dance that Zofia is to submit more than any other Egyptian classical style, marked by the influences of ballet. Favorite props in the dance is a voile and sash. Dancing in the life of Zofia score from an early age. With time, their skills and began to develop choreographic skills by downloading school dance in the English instructor Sarah Rickerby.
Zofia freest performances:
family events such as: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, dinners, christenings, adoption of Engagement, Islamic celebrations (the belly dancer is properly covered) corporate events and cultural activities.

Zofia and her dance group The Belly Dance Dolls regularly perform on Television.They are part of the Dm Digital Television- one of the largest Asian television networks in the UK, broadcasting live, 24 x 7 from its offices in Manchester. THE BELLY DANCE DOLLS ARE STARS OF DM DIGITAL TELEVISION. Zofia and her dance group were performing and doing workshop with the biggest belly dance star ever- International Superstar-Sonia Ochoa.
They performed alongside Asian star singers:Chan Has, H Dhami Gabroo, Iffi-k Irfan Khan, Nas-T, Shamaila Khan (known as a Indian Jennifer Lopez) and SK1 band and have had their talents watched by up to 30 million people. Zofia also devotes her time to oriental community, taking active part in festivals and galas oriental.